Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Before and After

Everybody loves a good before and after, right? Aren't make over shows the most exciting to watch? Aren't they what keep you sane when you are feeling sick and you lay all day in your cuddle bag infesting it with your germs?

Well- here is my own personal entertainment area before and after- with a bonus made-over couch.



COUCH: Before Blue... NOW brown.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas

Charlie Brown's Christmas

Kajsia and Mike's Christmas

Pretty awesome.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I had to add this

The award goes to?


Best concert in the world.
I should have made an award for that...

It doesn't matter how old he gets, he pierces an arrow straight to the heart.

Fav lyrics and songs include:(in case you were wondering)

I Am... I Said
I am i cried
i am said i.
and i am lost and i can't even say why.
Leaving me lonely still.

Forever in Blue Jeans
Money talks
but it don't sing and dance
and it don't walk
as long as i can have you here with me
i'd much rather be.
forever in blue jeans.

Love on the Rocks
Gave me your heart
you gave me your soul
then you left me lone here,
with nothing to hold
Yesterday is gone
and now
all i want
is a smile

You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Use to be so natural
talk about forever.
But "used-to-be's" don't count anymore,
they just lay on the floor
until we sweep them away.

What a tug on the heart strings.

And what big eye brows.
and hair.

I will always bring you flowers Neil.
and buy your concert tickets-
no matter the price.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

VEGAS Adventures

in the car

With a snap pea.

Adventures on the strip mostly involved getting lost and walking around for hours -each of us thinking the other knew where we were going.

When we realized neither one of us knew- we walked back to the car (approx. 6 miles round trip)

But not before seeing some sweet flamingos,

a sad lion,

Bellagio water show

EMILY's name at the M & M factory (she really is famous)

and the biggest picture of Donny and Marie

... ever.

And so this is Christmas...

Friday, December 12, 2008


Soon.... coming to this blog-

pictures and commentary of the: (in no particular order)
and Final Projects.

Near the end of DECEMBER 2008.... in theory.

But first i need to finish my homework.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Better Late Than Never-

Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone here is my late list of things I am grateful for: in no particular order well.... except the first one.

1. Mike- Friends, family.
2. Air conditioning on a hot summer's day
3. Heating/blankets- when it's cold.
4. My parent's having a 3 car garage which I benefited from while I lived there.
5. A stable Job not in retail
7. Sales
8. People doing jobs i would never want to do, that need to be done like... chicken farmer.
9. Indoor plumbing
10. Other people's generosity
11. Computers
12. Freedom
13. Cookies
14. Love
15. Zippers- which should replace all creepy buttons used as fasteners- they are much more efficient in closing any space- since there isn't a breezy gap between zipper teeth. Nice and snug.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have been tagged...

and i usually just pass them by because i forget or don't even know the answers, but i am so tired and need a break from my homework- i will bust this one out.

8 things about Me...
(maybe you might not even know... i am a mystery sometimes- or just quiet)

8 TV shows that I Love (in no particular order):
1. Seinfeld
2. Arrested Development
3. Sabrina the Teenage Witch-and i am not ashamed.
4. That 70's Show
5. Veronica Mars
6. Popular (6 and above on DVD)
7. How I Met your Mother
8. Ugly Betty

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. California Pizza Kitchen
2. Kneaders- any sandwich place really EXCEPT Hogi Yogi and Subway. I HATE Hogi Yogi. and subway just rips you off on the meat.
3. Village Inn
4. Noodles
5. Zupas
6. Happy Sumo- Damae
7. Arby's
8. The Italian Place

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
1. Faxed loan application
2. Did homework for 7 hours. I'm not even lying.
3. Met the Condo inspection man.
4. Did not go to school- i am a rebel.
5. Brought Mike Lunch- Ahhh. cute.
6. Watched "Kung Fu panda"
7. Worked
8. secretly kept all my rage inside

8 Things That I am Looking Forward To:
1. Getting married tomorrow!
2. Friday
3. The Neil Diamond concert in December (whoo hoo)
4. Sleeping in!
5. Moving into condo
6. The semester to be over
7. Making cookies
8. Designing for people

8 Things on My Wish List
1. To graduate
2. World Peace- i don't care if it's cheesy. I wish we could all get along
3. The end of poverty
4. Having an awesome job i love
5. Clear Skin
6. An elliptical
7. The soundtrack to "Annie."
8. Everyone being a good driver

8 Things I Love:
1. Playing with Mike
2. Reading
3. Making and eating yummy food
4. Singing along to music
5. art- creating, looking at, analyzing
6. Going on Walks
7. Learning- I'm such a nerd
8. Laughing

8 Things I don't like:
1. Liars- Hypocrites, Mean people
2. People yelling at the TV
3. Burping, farting... bodily functions that make noise
4. Water activities
5. Being inconsiderate
6. Any part of me being naked at the doctor's
7. Being the center of attention
8. Feeling lazy and gross

8 People to Tag:
Does anyone want to be tagged? If so ... yay!
You have been tagged.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Is cold.
and wet.
Too many cars are out on the roads (in my opinion).

My car is stinky from fast food.

It's dark from the skylights at work and it feels like it's time to go home but in actuality it's only 1:41 PM.

My friend gave two cupcakes so the day is looking up.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween is...

1. Fun. Unless you are lame and don't dress up.
2. Yummy- you get so much candy.
3. Exciting- because you get to see all the different costumes. Unless like i said in number 1 you are lame.

Of course, some people don't see the joy in this holiday and they like to turn out all the lights or go up in their room and hope that no body thinks they are home Cough* dad *cough.

Monday, October 27, 2008

yay for new computers.

But booo for the header on my blog.
It is so nasty because i got a new monitor at work and i can actually seen the colors on my screen (unlike before when it was a mess) and they don't match with the rest of the blog. I just wanted to let the world know, i am aware of it. and promptly will fix it.
when i don't have so much homework.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I look like?

Well, me. But Besides me.
A couple of years a go this stamp came out:

Suzypoo saw it in a magazine, ripped it and asked everyone we knew, "Who does this look like?" Some people said me, others said someone else.

After being told I have "no matches" on my heritage.com over and over- I tried again today. LOW AND BEHOLD it said:

"Greta Garbo 86%"
"Thora Birch 80%"

There you have it.
I'm basically famous.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Teeth Are Falling Out!

Remember that creepy reoccurring dream I have of my teeth falling out?


Dreams about your teeth reflect your anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you. Sadly, we live in a world where good looks are valued highly and your teeth play an important role in conveying that image. Teeth are an important feature of our attractiveness and presentation to others. Everybody worries about how they appear to others, it is natural and healthy.

Another rationalization for these falling teeth dreams may be rooted in fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself in some specific situation. These dreams are an over-exaggeration of worries and anxiety.

[Have you met me in public?]

Teeth are used to bite, tear, chew and gnaw. In this regard, teeth represent power. And the loss of teeth in dreams may be from a sense of powerlessness. Are you lacking power in some current situation? Perhaps you are having difficulties expressing yourself or getting your point across. You feel frustrated when your voice is not being heard. You may be experiencing feelings of inferiority and a lack of self-confidence in some situation or relationship in your life. This dream is an indication that you need to be more assertive and believe in the value of your own opinion.

[It's like reading my journal... if i kept one]

Last night I had another weird dream, but I'm not sure I'm ready for more analysis into my psyche.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Did you know?

When I worked at the mall (at Cuddletime) this college-aged weird guy (who maybe really cool but gave off the impression of crazy) came up to me and asked me where I went to school. I told him UVSC. Then he proceeded to tell me that only people going to BYU could have a facebook account, so I should switch schools.
I just stared at him and said, "But- I don't want one."
Then he said, "It's really cool. you can meet tons of people and hook up."
and I said, "That sounds disgusting."
He says, "well. you are missing out."
Then as he walked out of the store i said, "I bet I am..."

and that is one of the reasons why i will never get a facebook account.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Worst Nightmare is...

Being trapped in my own garage with a black spider the size of my hand I saw yesterday day while getting the mail but was too creeped out to kill it.
Having my garage door broken even though it worked the night before and knowing the spider's beady eyes are staring at me.
Spending over an hour trying to get the door cable chords back into place.... and hearing 8 legs scatter across the cement floor.
Getting dirt all over my hands and face and knowing that sick thing is out there, and it could jump on me at any moment.
Disabling the doors system so I can manually open it- but to no avail.
Seeing a spider web the size of my backpack.


Having bad breath.

Unfortunately, this is my reality.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Things You May or May Not Know about Me.

1. I 've died my hair almost every color created.
2. I've managed 4 stores in the mall for 5 years which feel like 10000 years.
3. I graduated from LDSBC in Interior Design- FINALLY.
4. I wear a shoe size 6.
5. I can't do my homework right now because my computer is struggling with the programs i need and i am pretty bored.
6. I have a brother.
7. I have been friends with Emily Beaudin ever since i can remember.
8. I hate swimming.
9. I hate driving in the snow.
10. I graduated from High School in the Academy of Music
11. I can make a convincing cat meow and a monkey Ook Ook.
12. I won my first and only 1st place ribbon for a painting of a toucan in 6th grade.
13. I have a reoccurring dream where my teeth crumble. It's really gross. and disturbing.
14. I used to teach Piano Lessons. Until my students traded in the piano for fencing and dance.
15. I still have a baby tooth on the left side of my mouth.
16. I firmly believe facebook is ruining the world, but if you have an account i still like you.
17. I love coupons.

I'm off work early! YAY!

Monday, October 6, 2008

"Counseling Session" Tues Sept. 30, 2008

Counselor: So, what can I help you with today?
Kajsia: I want to know if there is a general Bachelor's available in the AVC department and what the requirements are. I'm in the Graphic Design program, but i hate it.
Counselor: So, you want to look at some papers?
Kajsia: Sure, if those show the requirements.
Counselor: OK. So there is the graphic design program..... (pulls out coordinating paper)
Kajsia: Yeah. I actually want to get OUT of that one..... I heard there is just a general AVC bachelor's degree. I wanted to see about getting into that program.
Counselor: Well, let's see. (pulling up transcript on computer) You're already in Graphic Design. How far along are you?
Kajsia: I just started, but I don't like it. So I want to see what else is out there.
Counselor: (Examines computer screen) This is a really popular major. It looks like you still have about 2 years left.
Kajsia: Yeah, I want to get out of Graphic Design. Is there just a general AVC degree I could see?
Counselor: (Turns from screen) Well, yes.... (grabs 4 more papers in cupboard behind desk) let's see what other majors are offered. (reads top paper) Oh. We already have the graphic design one.... (turns back to cupboard) I'll just put that back.
Kajsia: (Rolls eyes)

After an excruciating amount of wasted time she finally placed me in the general AVC Bachelor's program.
40 more credits til graduation....

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Evilness That Be.

Have you ever thought you wanted something- that it was absolutely perfect for you- and then once you start to have it- you realize you HATE it with all your soul and you want it to get as far away from you a possible?
Graphic Design-
Get away from me.
I hate your instructors, I hate what the computer does to my eyes, I hate paying to print proofs and more proofs.... and then another for the final. But most of all I hate pencil smudges all over my wrist, so that even with the slightest touch I get lead everywhere.
You are ruining my life, and you must be destroyed.

But mostly i am changing my major. Hooray.

Friday, September 19, 2008

This week I learned...

1. School is ruining my life.
2. It's boring.
3. I don't know what my teachers are saying.
4. Mat board never comes in the size you need.
5.For a quick "pick me up" lose your jump drive on important due dates.
6. Redoing homework is fun.
7. Blood shot eyes are so in.
8. That gross thing you hope no one notices... someone always does.
9. Paper cuts in the crease of your hand never heal.
10. ALWAYS ALWAYS take a shower.
11. A full nights sleep can sometimes lead to anxious horrifying nightmares.
12. Always signal.
13. Computer's breaking down cause mysterious sweat spots to appear.
14. People lie all the time.
15. Calling them out on their lies is useless.
16. In the design world, being anal retentive is a blessing.
17. I am not anal retentive.
18. No one likes a porky mouth.
19. Unless they aren't talking about you.
20. Cookies really do make everything better.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Many Names

Yesterday I went to Noodles and got my lunch to go. The employee asked for a name they could call when it was ready, and not hesitating a beat I said, "Veronica," as some know is the fake name I frequently use since Kajsia is usually harder to reiterate (Why Veronica? Well, I've always just liked that name. Veronica is still exotic like Kajsia but most people have head of it, so they can say it). I hate to hold up a line, and a fake more common name usually makes for a quicker exchange, aside from yesterday. The guy asked me 3 times for a name, and what ended up on my receipt was, "Barraka".... i guess that's close. It's almost as close as "Kayza" which my yearbook teacher would call me or "Kaheesia."
"That's how you say your name right? Kaheesia," asked gross winking guy with glasses constantly pulling at his clothes.
"Yup," I replied in my Mrs. Field's uniform, "that's it," and walked to the back of the store. That wasn't the first time someone had tried to impress me with their reading skills. I grew tired of always having to pronounce my name or roll my eyes at the attempts. I ripped the sticker off my name tag, took the black sharpie and wrote.
The fake Veronica was born.
I could pass as a Veronica... Much more than I could a Megan, or Stephanie, or a Marie, right?
Unfortunately, I still go by Kajsia in school, but I don't really care if people pronounce it right there. I know whatever noise comes out starting with a "k" sound, it's me they are referring to.
But if you are trying to seduce me or astound me, you had best get it right...
Except Mike who called me "kaysha" for the first couple of dates. But he was nice to me, so I made an exception.

Monday, August 18, 2008

"I Can Not Believe My Eyes..."

It's 42.26 minutes well spent.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Lost Shoe

The day: August 9th. The place: Lagoon (I know. I went again) The ride: Wicked. This was our (mike and I) second time on the ride and I thought I had the routine down- backpack secure on back, flip-flops snug between toes- we take off. I wasn't as thorough as before, leaving extra room for the can of Smokehouse almonds to move from being perfectly aligned with the hollow of my back to digging into the small of it from the first propel. I lost concentration and on the way down from the first hill I saw my right flip flop fly off into the air, twirl, land on a car and tumble. We whipped through the twists and hills with the can digging deeper into my flesh with each turn. I just wanted the ride to end. When we finally returned to the starting point Mike looked over and I say," So... guess what? I lost my flip flop!" and then suddenly we both burst out laughing (despite the pain in my back) and tell everyone else in the car who then in turn laughs. "This could only happen to you.” He shakes his head and takes off his shoe to loan me his right sock to walk through the parking lot- where we found my sandal, sitting right side up- waiting for me to rescue it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

How To Ruin Dinner

Step 1. Lose your recipe and then scramble to find one close to your original online.
Step 2. Buy the wrong type of meat.
Step 3. Buy the wrong ingredients.
Step 4. Try to make the recipe work anyways.
Step 5. Put your potatoes in on insulated baking sheet.
Step 6. Cook your side and main dish in the same oven.
Step 7. Have you oven lose heat from you opening it paranoid your food will be gross.
Step 8. Notice your potatoes aren't cooking and decide to move them to your burner.
Step 9. Turn burner on too high.
Step 10. Melt pan to burner.
Step 11. Make a mess.
Step 12. Have your chicken be too moist and ruin your breading by turning soggy.
Step 13. Burn your sauce because you are trying to deal with your melted pan to your burner and save some of your potatoes.
Step 14. Scrap pan from burner.
Step 15. Cry in the corner in shame.

It has a lot of steps, but it's actually really easy.
Here is the evidence.

Monday, July 21, 2008

10 Reasons Why I Didn't Go To My High School Reunion

10. I don't have much Success to flaunt- aside from my never ending college career.
9. I didn't even like high school- Why would I want to go relive it?
8. I never got an official invite.
7. I would have had to PAY to go.
6. Being grossed out thoroughly by lame displays of affection whether it be genuine or fake-There are reasons why I haven't talked to anyone in X number of years. I keep in touch with the people I want to keep in touch with.
5. People still aren't over their cliques, jealousies, successes, failures, envies -- and will never just be people who shared a formative time in their lives.
4. I would rather poke my eyes out than see any old flame I might held for someone back when I had horrible judgement and no esteem.
3. I don't care to see how the hot girls/guys have let themselves go- life happens. If you are happy, who cares what you look like.
2. It's 3 hours of my life I can never get back.
1.Gross superficial Chit Chat- I would say over and over with a plastered smile, "Oh WOW, that's so great you're married and or pregnant again. Your life is so fascinating." And I can't imagine a bigger waste of energy.

Maybe these are my own issues but the truth is I just have no desire to (keyword here) reconnect with old associates from High School- or anyone I might have purposefully let go. It's in the past.

I'd rather do something more interesting about my future.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's Cute, Sweaty, Melodic and Glittery?

David Archuletta (and others, but him in particular) wearing smiles, sweat and glittering costumes last night at the e-center American Idols LIVE concert. The venue filled with a compilation of mostly young or old woman willing and ready to yell their voices raw while the contestants smoothly sang and danced to familiar songs. Some were entertaining with new renditions of old favorites, while others sang and danced through obviously awkward song choices and attire. Michael Johns caused wonder as to why he was only the 8th idol singing the bluesy version of, "It's all Wrong... but it's alright" (wink). Kristi Lee showed off her shapely hips in her good-girl-gone-bad song, "Cowgirls." Brooke and David A. poured out their souls via a piano and the audience filled with gratitude as David's heartfelt tears glistened his face at the end of his version of, "When You Say You Love Me me". Every young girl fell in love. Each idol fills a personal style and appeals to a specific group, but (in my opinion) each lacks intensity and command of the stage as only David Cook's throaty notes pierced souls alike with, "Hero" and the old school classic, "Billie Jean." With a casual (some might say) sexy nature about him, David C. makes older woman feel much younger and young girls wish they were older. His universal and clear love of music invigorates the mind jogging to remembrance why he is the American Idol.

But-hands down the guy dressed up as a Poptart gets my vote next year.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

There's Only One One, One One, One...

Lagoooooon. Emily Beaudin (pictured below, not from this adventure, but a previous one) and I went to Lagoon where hilarity and awesomeness ensued. Not everyone was awesome, but that is OK. Lagoon is about bringing together people of all kinds who have the money and time to wait in stinky lines and go on mediocre rides. I'll take that over work any day. YAY!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No You're Not Hard Core, Unless You Live Hard Core...

I am hard core because I was told last night by Lisa of "The Veronicas" in Kilby Court (741 S. Kilby Court (330 WEST), Salt Lake City, Utah - A.K.A the GHETTO- but awesome) She also said, "You guys are the only city that gets this song (Everything I'm Not, which lyrics i will include at the bottom) ..." which is also true, because she only speaks the truth- and also-because what other social culture is as silly (A.K.A. insane) as ours?

"Everything I'm Not"
Oh no
Don't go changing
That's what you told me from the start
Thought you where something different
That's when it all just fell apart
Like you're so perfect
And I can't measure up
Well I'm not perfect
Just all messed up

I was losing myself to somebody else
But now I see
I don't wanna pretend
So this is the end of you and me
Cause the girl that you want
She was tearing us apart
Cause she's everything
Everything I'm not

It's not like I need somebody
Telling me where I should go at night
Don't worry you'll find somebody
Someone to tell how to live their life
Cause your so perfect
And no one measures up
Yeah all by yourself
You're all messed up

I was losing myself to somebody else
But now I see
I don't wanna pretend
So this is the end of you and me
Cause the girl that you want
She was tearing us apart
Cause she's everything
Everything I'm not

Now wait a minute
Because of you
I never knew all the things that I had
Hey don't u get it
I'm not going anywhere with you tonight
Cause this is my life

I was losing myself to somebody else
But now I see
I don't wanna pretend
So this is the end of you and me
Cause the girl that you want
She was tearing us apart
Cause she's everything
Everything I'm not
But now I see
I don't wanna pretend
So this is the end of you and me
Cause the girl that you want-
She was tearing us apart
Cause she's everything
Everything I'm not

Now tell me, can not everyone relate? I know I can.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Eyes!

Driving home
last week along the long stretch from Alpine to American Fork going a cautious 45, i swerved to miss two glistening dots attached to faint outline of legs and a tail. The deer shockingly kept it's four hoofs firmly planted on the asphalt. No run for it's life... i didn't even see it flinch (of course, i didn't stop to really examine the animal, it all happened so quickly) Did it have some sort of death wish? Was it a wildlife dare? Or was it simply thinking, "Well, I'm the stepping in the line of danger. Whatever I get I deserve." (Probably not, but for this thought I am going to pretend it could have). Usually when caught like a deer in headlights (metaphorically speaking, i don't think most walk in the middle of roads late at night) the natural response is to run like the wind. I think the braver course is to absorb the blow (like that awesome deer would have). Running is for cowards... and small rodents. One could say that method is a death wish, but I would accept responsibility for my choices and die an unwavering creature rather than a frightened self serving scardy cat. Meow. (Although, I have nothing against cats).

Friday, June 13, 2008

Infotrax, How may I hurt you?

"I mean... help you!" I giggled. It wasn't really funny when you think about it. I could have potentially been talking to a money- loaded client willing to hand over some massive amount to the polite happy receptionist (yeah right.. but i can still dream). Luckily it was a laid-back employee off sight from our Orem Head Quarters.
"Well. you can start by not hurting me!" Jeff laughed.
"I'm so sorry! Oh my gosh. I don't know what I'm saying. I'm just... crazy!" Luckily no one is offend and we both laughed harder despite the fact I felt like a complete idiot. What kind of strange slip of the tongue was that? When I worked in retail I had horrible thoughts all the time about how i wanted people to die in various ways to get away from me but one never slipped out. Since coming to Infotrax in 2006 I have been much happier, at least I think I am. Maybe I have some subconscious death wish for others. Or maybe it could have something to do with that the fact that i was reading and the word, "hurt" was in the sentence i read prior to picking up the phone.
I do frequently answer, "InfoTRUCKS, how may i help you?" but i don't have any explanation for that one.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do You Hear What I Hear?

I hope not, unless you like incessant loud chirping coming from the ceiling in your bathroom. It’s irritating… and weird and makes for an unsettling bathroom visit. Plus it smells like a zoo in there (more than usual at least). Why? A crazy (I'm guessing drunk) bird decided to fly up a vent on the side of the house and make a nest and now her babies vocal chords are growing along with their skeletons from her never-ending need to feed them. They love to make abrupt loud noises causing randomly spaced disturbances throughout the 1st level of my parent’s home. The worst part is as i mentioned earlier- the smell. It smells like something to the effect of droppings, bad breath, dirty feet and sewage. I’m no animal hater, but these birds need to get out away from our previous peaceful restroom. My dad is going to carefully pry them from the space, after which I will scatter air fresheners throughout the house to regain control of the odor and live happily ever after.

(Not actual picture of bird- but it is the right Species)

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Windsheild Warning

Last Sunday while driving home from St. George Mike and i got pulled over by a power-infused or really bored police officer. We instantly rolled down the windows smiled angelically and silently hoped, "PLEASE BE OUR FRIEND." The cop arrogantly asked for the registration and insurance while pushing up his sun glasses- pleased with himself, as if he has caught some evil genius duo that has been wrecking havoc on the peaceful city of Filmore rather than two young adults singing in the car ignorant to his existence. We hand him the proper papers. He smirks, haughtily grabs at them and waddles back to his car (his clothes were rather tight). We whisper among ourselves hoping he wants to have some fun and scare us a little-but when we see him approaching with more papers in hand and we hang our heads. He informs me i have a warning for the crack in my windshield that is so vast i will never pass registration's emission and inspections. I told him i just went to jiffy lube where i was told the crack was fine and had it filled (which is actually true). He gruffed with hands his ample hips, "It won't pass," and i retorted -slightly annoyed at his implied superiority- "OK," and we were on our way rolling our eyes until they fell out of their sockets, well... almost.

If only i had new vibrant hair that would have caught his attention and mesmerized him into not being so incredibly anal. Oh well. At least i have this hair now- and it looks like this (Thanks Ces). Which if you can't tell the difference from before- is much redder and darker.... and that face is supposed to be saying, "Look at this: it's my new hair." Not the, "Man, i need a straw to suck some air in" which it could be mistaken for.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Objects In Life Are Closer Than They Appear

This morning the security systems man came to check to make sure everything was running correctly here at Good Old InfoTrax (our company specializing in customized software and commission plans for all your party-plan or MLM needs) while the mailman walks in and delivers our mail. I stand up and go towards the mail container but seem to forget or somehow manage not to see the MASSIVE fan in my pathway (even though i am constantly complaining about how hot it gets up here and how the fan is my only refuge from the heat) and it comes crashing down- making an incredibly LOUD smash and hitting my foot (yes it does still hurt). Both men turn to look at me and i say, "whoa!" and proceed to pick up the fan, and gather that mail pretending i am actually really coordinated and that things like this don't happen to me all the time. They mailman turns back and says, "bye," and the security man continues he work.

It's almost incredible how i somehow manage to fall or hit into things that i am constantly surrounded by in my environment. Just last night i hit my head on the counter top above my parent's couch. I have lived at this house for how long? 14 years or something? All i can do is shake my head and wish i was born with more coordination.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's raining and i love it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thin Fabric of Society

I usually think i have nothing to talk about (well. that i want to be available on the web), and that even if i did, why would anyone want to read it? But, that doesn't really matter- because i can state whatever i want and no one has to read it if they don't want to. What i have to say today goes a little something like this:

Friday night i went with Mike to Ruby River for his work party. From there we went to the Provo Cinemark to see "Price Caspian" paid for by Mike's work- Shelf Reliance (Shelf Reliance is your one-stop-shop for all of your emergency essentials. Featuring our patented line of Food Storage Racks, emergency kits, food storage, and customizable emergency planners, Shelf Reliance has taken the guesswork out of emergency preparedness – just FYI).

As we walk into the theater we see that it's going to be a sold out show, with limited open seats left. We find a couple together in the second row from the front, but as we venture towards them the (I’m sure lovely) people behind us have their feet on the tops of the chairs. Normal people in this circumstance realize that the numbers are against them and they take their feet down to make room for those who need seats- thinking this will happen mike continues to walk down the aisle. The forgettable man in sneakers slightly shifts his feet as mike walks by, while his (I’m assuming) date with tan skin, blue eyes and bottle blond hair keeps her NASTY BARE dirty pedicured feet firmly planted on top of mikes would be chair, avoiding our gaze. Mike (I’m sure disgusted at the thought of having had someone’s exposed feet above his head) then backtracks and sits in the chair just before the sneakers. I give the girl the biggest "stink eye" I can conjure up; sit by mike and say, "That is revolting. I think I’m going to vomit right here." Mike just laughs and nods. I decide not to vomit since there is already enough junk on theater floors, but I just think during the opening previews- SERIOUSLY PEOPLE? We're living in a society here. What happened to common courtesy? I thought we existed in a culture where we were actually aware of others around us. It appears the fabric that holds us together is thin, and becoming more threadbare as I type. Everyone in row 2 of theater 10 revolved around this typical Utah blonde (not that I’m saying all blondes at this way, but it seems this particular girl fits every negative stereotype prevalent in Utah). It makes me sick to my stomach. Where does one start to feel entitled to certain treatment- showing complete disregard and a lack of respect for other individuals? I know where I would put the blame, but seeing I don't know her particular situation, its just hearsay.

Moral of the story- stop being a freak and act like a human. And if you are ever in the movies, please turn off your phone, take out your crying baby (or better yet, get a babysitter) and PLEASE PLEASE don't put your smelly, rancid bare feet up on someone else's chair. The end.

Friday, April 25, 2008

How Did it go you Ask?

Amazing. My hair is shorter and nicer and better. Cesiley is the Queen of all haircuts. She is also a great yoga do-er and surprisingly good at board games. She has promised to be my friend and hair-cutter for life... that is until she leaves insane Utah and gets her own salon and becomes famous for helping create a young and upcoming celeb's new look. She is cool and looks like this:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Best Day

The best of my life is about to happen. That's right. I'm going to get a haircut this Friday from my friend Cesiley. She's a good little hair cutt-er. She really is little. i wonder how tall she is... 5'1" at the most. Anyways, then i won't have to look at the ends of hair and wish they were not splitting apart. Sure, my hair will be shorter, but that is a fair compromise. How else would you get a haircut anyways.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Nasty Hair

I sit here trying my best not to actually do any work whatsoever, and all i can think is, "Wow. i really need a haircut." Ahhhh. The phone rings and my train of thought is broken. Maybe i'll take a nap today. No. I will take a nap today. That sounds good. The soft blankets... the welcoming scent of clean linens... mmmmm i wish i could sleep right now. Maybe i'll turn on my space heater, that always makes me feel nice. Nothing beats warm feet. Except maybe winning a gameshow-but since that is never going to happen- I'll just stick with my space heater.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Is fun. Who doesn't love to get candy?
I love candy with my soul.
It makes me feel whole.
You can serve it in a bowl, or anyway you know.
It can be smooth and dark and sweet,
or tart and fun to eat.
be rolled or pressed or wrapped,
or bought in bulk within a sac.
Any color is just fine,
as long as it is mine.
Give it to friends or foes,
you should use it to propose.
Candy makes things sweet,
those oppose should get a beat.
or... instead give it all to me,
but give it to me free.

That was my ode to candy. i hope you liked it.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Apparently i have been tagged- what in the world? are we in 3rd grade? (I hope not, see number 10) I always suck at games. I didn't know what being "tagged" meant- i guess i have to write 10 awesome things about myself.... so here i go.

1. I have really really dry skin. it's awesome. sometimes it cracks in the winter and bleeds.
2. I will never have a facebook or a myspace. I think they are creepy and lame and self-advertising. Of course... how is a blog different? At least no one is trying to hook up when they blog. In theory.
3. I used to steal from the candy bins in the grocery store. But I don't anymore.
4. I have dyed my hair every color except for white.
5. I have never seen Titanic, and I never want to.
6. I love the original Power Rangers and Saved by the Bell.
7. Sometimes i pick my nose to get the nasty buggers out- don't lie. everyone does. it’s the only way.
8. I hate it when they polish your teeth at the dentist.
9. I hate being in the dark- literally and also figuratively
10. I hated High school. and junior high. and elementary. College is pretty sweet though.

This is now for you viewing pleasure. or Something.

I decided to create a blog that was more personal so i can not be really embaressed if my class members happen to look at my blog or something. Also, i don't really want my teacher to read about my awkward life. So.. here it is. I hope it's all it's cracked up to be.