Thursday, February 7, 2008


Apparently i have been tagged- what in the world? are we in 3rd grade? (I hope not, see number 10) I always suck at games. I didn't know what being "tagged" meant- i guess i have to write 10 awesome things about myself.... so here i go.

1. I have really really dry skin. it's awesome. sometimes it cracks in the winter and bleeds.
2. I will never have a facebook or a myspace. I think they are creepy and lame and self-advertising. Of course... how is a blog different? At least no one is trying to hook up when they blog. In theory.
3. I used to steal from the candy bins in the grocery store. But I don't anymore.
4. I have dyed my hair every color except for white.
5. I have never seen Titanic, and I never want to.
6. I love the original Power Rangers and Saved by the Bell.
7. Sometimes i pick my nose to get the nasty buggers out- don't lie. everyone does. it’s the only way.
8. I hate it when they polish your teeth at the dentist.
9. I hate being in the dark- literally and also figuratively
10. I hated High school. and junior high. and elementary. College is pretty sweet though.


The Knights said...

Polishing is what I do best! Come on, it's not that bad. It makes your teeth all shiny and it removes stains. They even have delicious flavors like cookie dough, raspberry, root beer, orange, cherry, etc. Can you tell I work at a dental office?

Mikey said...

i'm glad you've entered the blogging world on a more personal level. I'm one of those creepies who love getting updates of people's lives online...rather than having personal conversation.