Monday, October 6, 2008

"Counseling Session" Tues Sept. 30, 2008

Counselor: So, what can I help you with today?
Kajsia: I want to know if there is a general Bachelor's available in the AVC department and what the requirements are. I'm in the Graphic Design program, but i hate it.
Counselor: So, you want to look at some papers?
Kajsia: Sure, if those show the requirements.
Counselor: OK. So there is the graphic design program..... (pulls out coordinating paper)
Kajsia: Yeah. I actually want to get OUT of that one..... I heard there is just a general AVC bachelor's degree. I wanted to see about getting into that program.
Counselor: Well, let's see. (pulling up transcript on computer) You're already in Graphic Design. How far along are you?
Kajsia: I just started, but I don't like it. So I want to see what else is out there.
Counselor: (Examines computer screen) This is a really popular major. It looks like you still have about 2 years left.
Kajsia: Yeah, I want to get out of Graphic Design. Is there just a general AVC degree I could see?
Counselor: (Turns from screen) Well, yes.... (grabs 4 more papers in cupboard behind desk) let's see what other majors are offered. (reads top paper) Oh. We already have the graphic design one.... (turns back to cupboard) I'll just put that back.
Kajsia: (Rolls eyes)

After an excruciating amount of wasted time she finally placed me in the general AVC Bachelor's program.
40 more credits til graduation....


whitney said...

woohoo! do 20 a semester and you will be done in just 2 short semesters!

Jiles The Great said...

Wow, my faith in UVU has been restored. Or not.

Maureen said...

20 credits a semester?? LOL!

Hang in there sis -- at least your hands won't be covered in black dust anymore....