Friday, September 26, 2008

The Evilness That Be.

Have you ever thought you wanted something- that it was absolutely perfect for you- and then once you start to have it- you realize you HATE it with all your soul and you want it to get as far away from you a possible?
Graphic Design-
Get away from me.
I hate your instructors, I hate what the computer does to my eyes, I hate paying to print proofs and more proofs.... and then another for the final. But most of all I hate pencil smudges all over my wrist, so that even with the slightest touch I get lead everywhere.
You are ruining my life, and you must be destroyed.

But mostly i am changing my major. Hooray.


Maureen said...

No strong emotions there....

So what is your "new" major?

Suzana said...

what's the new major? i'm sorry the old one was stinky.