Friday, September 26, 2008

The Evilness That Be.

Have you ever thought you wanted something- that it was absolutely perfect for you- and then once you start to have it- you realize you HATE it with all your soul and you want it to get as far away from you a possible?
Graphic Design-
Get away from me.
I hate your instructors, I hate what the computer does to my eyes, I hate paying to print proofs and more proofs.... and then another for the final. But most of all I hate pencil smudges all over my wrist, so that even with the slightest touch I get lead everywhere.
You are ruining my life, and you must be destroyed.

But mostly i am changing my major. Hooray.

Friday, September 19, 2008

This week I learned...

1. School is ruining my life.
2. It's boring.
3. I don't know what my teachers are saying.
4. Mat board never comes in the size you need.
5.For a quick "pick me up" lose your jump drive on important due dates.
6. Redoing homework is fun.
7. Blood shot eyes are so in.
8. That gross thing you hope no one notices... someone always does.
9. Paper cuts in the crease of your hand never heal.
10. ALWAYS ALWAYS take a shower.
11. A full nights sleep can sometimes lead to anxious horrifying nightmares.
12. Always signal.
13. Computer's breaking down cause mysterious sweat spots to appear.
14. People lie all the time.
15. Calling them out on their lies is useless.
16. In the design world, being anal retentive is a blessing.
17. I am not anal retentive.
18. No one likes a porky mouth.
19. Unless they aren't talking about you.
20. Cookies really do make everything better.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Many Names

Yesterday I went to Noodles and got my lunch to go. The employee asked for a name they could call when it was ready, and not hesitating a beat I said, "Veronica," as some know is the fake name I frequently use since Kajsia is usually harder to reiterate (Why Veronica? Well, I've always just liked that name. Veronica is still exotic like Kajsia but most people have head of it, so they can say it). I hate to hold up a line, and a fake more common name usually makes for a quicker exchange, aside from yesterday. The guy asked me 3 times for a name, and what ended up on my receipt was, "Barraka".... i guess that's close. It's almost as close as "Kayza" which my yearbook teacher would call me or "Kaheesia."
"That's how you say your name right? Kaheesia," asked gross winking guy with glasses constantly pulling at his clothes.
"Yup," I replied in my Mrs. Field's uniform, "that's it," and walked to the back of the store. That wasn't the first time someone had tried to impress me with their reading skills. I grew tired of always having to pronounce my name or roll my eyes at the attempts. I ripped the sticker off my name tag, took the black sharpie and wrote.
The fake Veronica was born.
I could pass as a Veronica... Much more than I could a Megan, or Stephanie, or a Marie, right?
Unfortunately, I still go by Kajsia in school, but I don't really care if people pronounce it right there. I know whatever noise comes out starting with a "k" sound, it's me they are referring to.
But if you are trying to seduce me or astound me, you had best get it right...
Except Mike who called me "kaysha" for the first couple of dates. But he was nice to me, so I made an exception.