Friday, July 25, 2008

How To Ruin Dinner

Step 1. Lose your recipe and then scramble to find one close to your original online.
Step 2. Buy the wrong type of meat.
Step 3. Buy the wrong ingredients.
Step 4. Try to make the recipe work anyways.
Step 5. Put your potatoes in on insulated baking sheet.
Step 6. Cook your side and main dish in the same oven.
Step 7. Have you oven lose heat from you opening it paranoid your food will be gross.
Step 8. Notice your potatoes aren't cooking and decide to move them to your burner.
Step 9. Turn burner on too high.
Step 10. Melt pan to burner.
Step 11. Make a mess.
Step 12. Have your chicken be too moist and ruin your breading by turning soggy.
Step 13. Burn your sauce because you are trying to deal with your melted pan to your burner and save some of your potatoes.
Step 14. Scrap pan from burner.
Step 15. Cry in the corner in shame.

It has a lot of steps, but it's actually really easy.
Here is the evidence.


whitney said...

hehe at least they weren't hockey pucks :P i suck at cooking but its okay that is why there is marie calenders and KFC hehe.. ps i love your new back ground. cool.

Maureen said...

OH MY GOSH!!! You made me laugh and almost cry for you!

I still think you cook WAY better than I do. At least you have the guts to try new recipies. I only do that about 4 times a year, and then they are usually a disappointment.

So, should I buy YOU new pans...or mom? lol

Jiles The Great said...

I laughed SO HARD when I read that. That's wrong, I shouldn't get amusement out of such a disaster. Although for the record, I didn't think it was a disaster...I thought the meal was really yummy. Seriously, I liked it a lot!

Suzana said...

um... kajsia, why didn't you tell me you were a blogger?! i have to blog stalk to find you? i thought we were friends... :) haha. well, i'm going to keep looking at your blog. how is life? i voted for you on that scholarship thing. i hope you win!

Rach said...

4 times and counting, don't worry i will vote at least 2 times a day if not more!:) thanks for making me feel good bowling tonight, i mean you didn't have to do bad the whole time hehe just kidding. but i think im going to try this recipe out soon, and then laugh when it is over, do you think you could come take pics for me though? hehe