Thursday, May 29, 2008

Objects In Life Are Closer Than They Appear

This morning the security systems man came to check to make sure everything was running correctly here at Good Old InfoTrax (our company specializing in customized software and commission plans for all your party-plan or MLM needs) while the mailman walks in and delivers our mail. I stand up and go towards the mail container but seem to forget or somehow manage not to see the MASSIVE fan in my pathway (even though i am constantly complaining about how hot it gets up here and how the fan is my only refuge from the heat) and it comes crashing down- making an incredibly LOUD smash and hitting my foot (yes it does still hurt). Both men turn to look at me and i say, "whoa!" and proceed to pick up the fan, and gather that mail pretending i am actually really coordinated and that things like this don't happen to me all the time. They mailman turns back and says, "bye," and the security man continues he work.

It's almost incredible how i somehow manage to fall or hit into things that i am constantly surrounded by in my environment. Just last night i hit my head on the counter top above my parent's couch. I have lived at this house for how long? 14 years or something? All i can do is shake my head and wish i was born with more coordination.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's raining and i love it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thin Fabric of Society

I usually think i have nothing to talk about (well. that i want to be available on the web), and that even if i did, why would anyone want to read it? But, that doesn't really matter- because i can state whatever i want and no one has to read it if they don't want to. What i have to say today goes a little something like this:

Friday night i went with Mike to Ruby River for his work party. From there we went to the Provo Cinemark to see "Price Caspian" paid for by Mike's work- Shelf Reliance (Shelf Reliance is your one-stop-shop for all of your emergency essentials. Featuring our patented line of Food Storage Racks, emergency kits, food storage, and customizable emergency planners, Shelf Reliance has taken the guesswork out of emergency preparedness – just FYI).

As we walk into the theater we see that it's going to be a sold out show, with limited open seats left. We find a couple together in the second row from the front, but as we venture towards them the (I’m sure lovely) people behind us have their feet on the tops of the chairs. Normal people in this circumstance realize that the numbers are against them and they take their feet down to make room for those who need seats- thinking this will happen mike continues to walk down the aisle. The forgettable man in sneakers slightly shifts his feet as mike walks by, while his (I’m assuming) date with tan skin, blue eyes and bottle blond hair keeps her NASTY BARE dirty pedicured feet firmly planted on top of mikes would be chair, avoiding our gaze. Mike (I’m sure disgusted at the thought of having had someone’s exposed feet above his head) then backtracks and sits in the chair just before the sneakers. I give the girl the biggest "stink eye" I can conjure up; sit by mike and say, "That is revolting. I think I’m going to vomit right here." Mike just laughs and nods. I decide not to vomit since there is already enough junk on theater floors, but I just think during the opening previews- SERIOUSLY PEOPLE? We're living in a society here. What happened to common courtesy? I thought we existed in a culture where we were actually aware of others around us. It appears the fabric that holds us together is thin, and becoming more threadbare as I type. Everyone in row 2 of theater 10 revolved around this typical Utah blonde (not that I’m saying all blondes at this way, but it seems this particular girl fits every negative stereotype prevalent in Utah). It makes me sick to my stomach. Where does one start to feel entitled to certain treatment- showing complete disregard and a lack of respect for other individuals? I know where I would put the blame, but seeing I don't know her particular situation, its just hearsay.

Moral of the story- stop being a freak and act like a human. And if you are ever in the movies, please turn off your phone, take out your crying baby (or better yet, get a babysitter) and PLEASE PLEASE don't put your smelly, rancid bare feet up on someone else's chair. The end.