Monday, August 18, 2008

"I Can Not Believe My Eyes..."

It's 42.26 minutes well spent.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Lost Shoe

The day: August 9th. The place: Lagoon (I know. I went again) The ride: Wicked. This was our (mike and I) second time on the ride and I thought I had the routine down- backpack secure on back, flip-flops snug between toes- we take off. I wasn't as thorough as before, leaving extra room for the can of Smokehouse almonds to move from being perfectly aligned with the hollow of my back to digging into the small of it from the first propel. I lost concentration and on the way down from the first hill I saw my right flip flop fly off into the air, twirl, land on a car and tumble. We whipped through the twists and hills with the can digging deeper into my flesh with each turn. I just wanted the ride to end. When we finally returned to the starting point Mike looked over and I say," So... guess what? I lost my flip flop!" and then suddenly we both burst out laughing (despite the pain in my back) and tell everyone else in the car who then in turn laughs. "This could only happen to you.” He shakes his head and takes off his shoe to loan me his right sock to walk through the parking lot- where we found my sandal, sitting right side up- waiting for me to rescue it.