Monday, June 2, 2008

The Windsheild Warning

Last Sunday while driving home from St. George Mike and i got pulled over by a power-infused or really bored police officer. We instantly rolled down the windows smiled angelically and silently hoped, "PLEASE BE OUR FRIEND." The cop arrogantly asked for the registration and insurance while pushing up his sun glasses- pleased with himself, as if he has caught some evil genius duo that has been wrecking havoc on the peaceful city of Filmore rather than two young adults singing in the car ignorant to his existence. We hand him the proper papers. He smirks, haughtily grabs at them and waddles back to his car (his clothes were rather tight). We whisper among ourselves hoping he wants to have some fun and scare us a little-but when we see him approaching with more papers in hand and we hang our heads. He informs me i have a warning for the crack in my windshield that is so vast i will never pass registration's emission and inspections. I told him i just went to jiffy lube where i was told the crack was fine and had it filled (which is actually true). He gruffed with hands his ample hips, "It won't pass," and i retorted -slightly annoyed at his implied superiority- "OK," and we were on our way rolling our eyes until they fell out of their sockets, well... almost.

If only i had new vibrant hair that would have caught his attention and mesmerized him into not being so incredibly anal. Oh well. At least i have this hair now- and it looks like this (Thanks Ces). Which if you can't tell the difference from before- is much redder and darker.... and that face is supposed to be saying, "Look at this: it's my new hair." Not the, "Man, i need a straw to suck some air in" which it could be mistaken for.


Jiles The Great said...

Sexy look nice and skinny!

Maureen said...

I like the sucking straw pose...j/k. You always make me laugh. Nice hair color (you really do like talking about your

Dumb least he could have picked something IMPORTANT to warn you about.

Love ya! (are you ready for me to unload my attic to your bedroom?)