Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Before and After

Everybody loves a good before and after, right? Aren't make over shows the most exciting to watch? Aren't they what keep you sane when you are feeling sick and you lay all day in your cuddle bag infesting it with your germs?

Well- here is my own personal entertainment area before and after- with a bonus made-over couch.



COUCH: Before Blue... NOW brown.


Jiles The Great said...

I'm drooling at the sight of your TV. Ok, not really...but I'd still like to have a TV like that. And I love your brown couch, it's much better than blue. Good work.

Maureen said...


I'm a pathetic sucker for reality like that...

Jen said...

hey girl I loved the couch blue but i love that you put your own twist on things and made it brown..you guys have a very cute place good job..we miss you already.