Thursday, May 29, 2008

Objects In Life Are Closer Than They Appear

This morning the security systems man came to check to make sure everything was running correctly here at Good Old InfoTrax (our company specializing in customized software and commission plans for all your party-plan or MLM needs) while the mailman walks in and delivers our mail. I stand up and go towards the mail container but seem to forget or somehow manage not to see the MASSIVE fan in my pathway (even though i am constantly complaining about how hot it gets up here and how the fan is my only refuge from the heat) and it comes crashing down- making an incredibly LOUD smash and hitting my foot (yes it does still hurt). Both men turn to look at me and i say, "whoa!" and proceed to pick up the fan, and gather that mail pretending i am actually really coordinated and that things like this don't happen to me all the time. They mailman turns back and says, "bye," and the security man continues he work.

It's almost incredible how i somehow manage to fall or hit into things that i am constantly surrounded by in my environment. Just last night i hit my head on the counter top above my parent's couch. I have lived at this house for how long? 14 years or something? All i can do is shake my head and wish i was born with more coordination.


wooties! said...

Workers Comp!!

Have some Jellybeans. :)

Maureen said...

Glad to know someone besides me got the clumsy gene! I laughed at the "hitting your head on the counter" part. Okay, I laughed at the whole thing...but only because I can totally relate!

(And that counter really is jinxed...I lived there less than 4 years and I can't tell you how many time I banged my head into it!)

Watch out for corners!

The Knights said...

haha! Sorry I'm laughing, but it's true! Remember when we were running into school & you hit your head on that thing on the side of the trailer! That was sad =( Then the time when Mike Barrett hit a softball strait at your throat! That hurts my throat just thinking about it.

Jiles The Great said...

1-Sorry about the cop, that's stupid.
2-I still hit my head on that stupid counter.
3-Maybe it's genetic, cuz there's this stupid fire extinguisher case on the wall near my desk, and I run into it CONSTANTLY.
4-Have a nice day, I'm writing you an e-mail right now.

Maureen said...

Cop? What cop?