Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Is fun. Who doesn't love to get candy?
I love candy with my soul.
It makes me feel whole.
You can serve it in a bowl, or anyway you know.
It can be smooth and dark and sweet,
or tart and fun to eat.
be rolled or pressed or wrapped,
or bought in bulk within a sac.
Any color is just fine,
as long as it is mine.
Give it to friends or foes,
you should use it to propose.
Candy makes things sweet,
those oppose should get a beat.
or... instead give it all to me,
but give it to me free.

That was my ode to candy. i hope you liked it.


The Knights said...

that's a cute poem, i love candy too! Did you make that up?

Kajsia O said...

Yes i did. That is how exciting my life is. Or i guess that i just how much i love candy. haha.