Friday, October 10, 2008

Things You May or May Not Know about Me.

1. I 've died my hair almost every color created.
2. I've managed 4 stores in the mall for 5 years which feel like 10000 years.
3. I graduated from LDSBC in Interior Design- FINALLY.
4. I wear a shoe size 6.
5. I can't do my homework right now because my computer is struggling with the programs i need and i am pretty bored.
6. I have a brother.
7. I have been friends with Emily Beaudin ever since i can remember.
8. I hate swimming.
9. I hate driving in the snow.
10. I graduated from High School in the Academy of Music
11. I can make a convincing cat meow and a monkey Ook Ook.
12. I won my first and only 1st place ribbon for a painting of a toucan in 6th grade.
13. I have a reoccurring dream where my teeth crumble. It's really gross. and disturbing.
14. I used to teach Piano Lessons. Until my students traded in the piano for fencing and dance.
15. I still have a baby tooth on the left side of my mouth.
16. I firmly believe facebook is ruining the world, but if you have an account i still like you.
17. I love coupons.

I'm off work early! YAY!


whitney said...

oh my gosh i have a dream about my teeth just all falling out i try to keep em in but they just fall. aghh. i wake up so sweaty and scared! i also think facebook is ruining the world. i have an account and i check it daily but still. i think it is like a drug. you are addicted and it ruins your life. haha. i think your sis thought i was crazy when i said 20 credits a semester. well maybe i am but i think it is worth it. yay. for 3 weeks left of college!
p.s. i hope some day you learn to love to swim.

Scott + Lyndsey said...

I didn't know you still had a baby tooth! I too dream about my teeth. Someone told me that dreaming about teeth means you care what you look like. I thought it was because of my job?!

Maureen said...

I did know at least half of these....though not the baby tooth or dream thing (what's up with THAT??)

My favorite has got to be #6 though.

Mmm, before I forget....HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SIS!! You are getting OLD!! (yeah right -- who am I kidding?)

Jiles The Great said...

Do you really still have the crumbling teeth dream? Geez Kaj, I remember you telling me about that when we used to share a room. Go figure.

Charlotte said...

Apparently there are quite a few things I don't know about you....gosh! What kind of a friend am I!?! I really like your list though. Great little known facts about Kajsia. :)