Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's Cute, Sweaty, Melodic and Glittery?

David Archuletta (and others, but him in particular) wearing smiles, sweat and glittering costumes last night at the e-center American Idols LIVE concert. The venue filled with a compilation of mostly young or old woman willing and ready to yell their voices raw while the contestants smoothly sang and danced to familiar songs. Some were entertaining with new renditions of old favorites, while others sang and danced through obviously awkward song choices and attire. Michael Johns caused wonder as to why he was only the 8th idol singing the bluesy version of, "It's all Wrong... but it's alright" (wink). Kristi Lee showed off her shapely hips in her good-girl-gone-bad song, "Cowgirls." Brooke and David A. poured out their souls via a piano and the audience filled with gratitude as David's heartfelt tears glistened his face at the end of his version of, "When You Say You Love Me me". Every young girl fell in love. Each idol fills a personal style and appeals to a specific group, but (in my opinion) each lacks intensity and command of the stage as only David Cook's throaty notes pierced souls alike with, "Hero" and the old school classic, "Billie Jean." With a casual (some might say) sexy nature about him, David C. makes older woman feel much younger and young girls wish they were older. His universal and clear love of music invigorates the mind jogging to remembrance why he is the American Idol.

But-hands down the guy dressed up as a Poptart gets my vote next year.

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Maureen said...

I personally rooted for David A. when the whole Am Idol thing went down. You should have heard the groans and gasps at work when Cook won. It was quite the drama.

Regardless...the older, more experienced, and perhaps more marketable guy won. Congrats to him and all his fans. (Too bad he didn't wear something sparkly that resembles a poptart.)