Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gum Girl Update

My teacher did it today. LASERS.
Plus public embarrassment for playing with her ipod in the FRONT row and for sleeping... again when you sit on the font row you can't do these things.

I started to feel a little bad for her, but then she POPPED her gum and i snapped out of it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pet Peeve #4

If you have ever sat by me with gum you know that i HATE gum popping with a passion (I really hate all loud unexpected sounds, but gum popping is revolting and the worst.... aside from belching).


There is a (i'm sure lovely) girl in one of my classes who sits in the front row across from me (some people call these the "suck up" seats but i say to that- i am blind and i like to actually learn while i'm in class) who finds the need to not only chew her gum like cow cud, but apparently thinks it is the greatest most helpful amazing idea in the entire world to pop her nasty gum so loud that it echos not only throughout the classroom but then bounces off the cement walls and down the hall. I hate it.

I hope my teacher's eyes will morph into lasers, beam into her mouth and evaporate the gum mid pop-but it seems he is not the mighty morphin art professor power ranger that saves the day, but simply an ordinary teacher who is deeply occupied with the lecture, answering silly questions, teaching blah blah and doesn't notice this girl has become an extremely annoying distraction and is evidently oblivious to anyone but herself.

I try to focus on the material in front of me but as i attempt to write down the characteristics of Archaic Greek sculpture... POP.

Wait... what? I look up to the board, hoping there's a bullet point to go with the words i distantly remember hearing.

Scliiiiipsk (licks lips) Chomp chomp...

No bullet point.
What did he say? I tap my pen, trying to remember.


My teacher moves onto something else

......... the madness continues.




crap. i'm screwed.

Monday, February 23, 2009


National Pancake week! yay.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pet Peeve #7

Being talked to like i am the biggest ugliest most incompetent idiot someone has ever had to encounter on this planet.

Not only are certain people annoyed i don't have the skills of a mind reader or psychic, but these same individuals deem me worthless because i do not (nor could i with the sub par capabilities my pea sized human brain has to offer) be able to keep tabs on every employee i come in contact with- know their constant whereabouts, personal schedules and preferences. I am close to NEVER supplied with this information, but i am also not allowed by company policy to give it out (if i ever happened to have it).

Just because i can't provide some self proclaimed big shot with this "vital to their existence" information- doesn't somehow force me to fall in the sub-human/inept/disgusting/should be taken and buried alive because they contribute nothing to society category.... nor should i be ruled even a little dim.

If anything i am made much less useful by wasting my time taking to you.

That's right.
You know who you are.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

These are some MUST see's

So awkward. right?

I was going to add the Christian Bale freak out- but i decided it might offended some.
SO instead i will add this.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What is up

with people going private on their blogs?
Isn't the point of a blog to announce to the world how awesome you are?
Just kidding. I understand some people need to take precautions with their life... but
it cracks me up when these same people keep 3587000 of their closest friends on their facebook/myspace where they feature pictures of their new baby, house with address, give explicit intimate details of their life, offer up their credit card, social security number...

Luckily for me, i don't have a facebook/myspace (praise the lord!) and i really have nothing of interest that the whole world couldn't know about me... really. ask me anything and i will just tell you.

this may just be a rumor that is going around to scare people- but i heard potential employers are now checking facebook and myspace pages to see what kind of person you REALLY are..... dun dun dun.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

crappiest generation of spoiled idiots

I think most friends know how i feel about people today....

Friday, February 6, 2009

There is this LAME drip

that is landing on my head from sky light. Apparently there is a crack or a leak of some sort.

Why don't i tell someone? well- i sure have. Many times. Unfortunately the solution is to "wait for it to stop raining/snowing/hailing and dry up and then it simply won't drip anymore." NOT really what i am wanting to hear. But i guess that is just how it is.

I've adapted pretty well. It generally hits a spot on the desk between my arms, but sometimes when i'm not thinking i'll lean forward and it will get me smack on the forehead- this is not awesome. It reminds of me birds going potty on my head. Has that ever happened to you?

It's disgusting. It happened to me back in the day, and not only did it halt my valuable outside playing time, but i had to go inside, take another shower AND wash my hair (which takes twice as long as a regular shower)- this was basically an unrecognized form of torture to me back then.

The point is..... dripping water is unpleasant.
and conjures up painful memories.

and oddly enough, makes me feel dirty.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Has anyone else noticed

that common courtesy seems to be fading away from society? Every time i go out in public i notice stolen parking spots, cars not stopping for pedestrians, people allowing doors to slam in others faces. I guess we're all in such a hurry to do whatever it is we are doing we don't have time to think about anyone else.

Well. stop it.

Call me old fashioned (at the ripe age of 24) but i think good manners are the glue of society. I'm not saying we have cover a puddles with our bodies or hold the door open for hours, but i think it would be nice if instead of adding to the crap that goes on daily we just stepped back and were aware of our surroundings.

Example- Yesterday i was walking to class when a MINI van (who thought of that name anyways? Those things are FAR from mini) thought it would be a good idea to stop mid-intersection and back up onto the sidewalk- causing a drama for the car behind who had to slam on their breaks and swerve, as well as me (the pedestrian) to run around them in a frenzied pattern as to avoid getting my legs smashed. While- mid chaos-another car took the coveted parking spot.


Maybe that is justice. But i would prefer for that mini van to never drive again. And for the madness to stop.