Monday, November 10, 2008


Is cold.
and wet.
Too many cars are out on the roads (in my opinion).

My car is stinky from fast food.

It's dark from the skylights at work and it feels like it's time to go home but in actuality it's only 1:41 PM.

My friend gave two cupcakes so the day is looking up.


whitney said...

cupcakes always make the days a little better. well as with anything filled with sugary goodness. syed got your invitation today. i loved it.

Scott + Lyndsey said...

"mundee" is how my grandma pronounced it

Jiles The Great said...

Where's my e-mail?? :-( How are you doing? How were your bridals that I so sadly missed? Do you need any help with anything wedding-related or otherwise?

Maureen said...

Oooooo, cupcakes!!

Can't wait to see you all "dressed up"...