Monday, January 30, 2012

Everything sounds better when it's

said by a cat made up of 13 lines.

Friday, January 27, 2012

While Mike does this:

I do this:

He is running, sweating, and being active-while i am sitting on my keester thinking, "Ahh. this is the life."
Now, i don't want to say one is better than the other... but drawing is way better than indoor soccer. Way better- for all these reasons:
  1. You don't sweat when you draw.
  2. You don't run into people when you draw. You don't have to touch ANYONE.
    For this reason alone everyone should love to draw.
  3. You don't suffer injuries when you draw- unless you eat your graphite pencil and get lead poisoning... but i have never heard of that happening. 
  4. You don't get yelled at or feel the need to shout obscene commands to people, or suffer from bouts of delirious anger. Drawing is fun, and relaxing. If anything i find myself saying softly to myself, "I am so happy... so so so happy."
  5. No one feels sad after they finish a drawing- unlike in soccer: there is always a winner, and sadly- always a loser.
If you still like soccer better than drawing i guess that is ok. We can still be friends. But we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I just needed a laugh today.

and this is where i found it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For those of you who don't know

I occasionally dabble in marketing and graphic design.
When I get a magazine- instead of my first reaction being to race toward my destiny of having, "Flat abs in 10 minutes a Day, " I now linger, taking in the glory of print ads.
Here is one that perplexed me.

The slogan is, "It's your chance, embrace it."
But-- why am I supposed to rush to the store to buy this product?
So I can have the same experience of hugging a massive glass bottle (that would be cold to the bare skin) in an awkward position-all while being wrapped up in fake flowers with a ribbon across my calves and a bow on my head? 
Perhaps I am showing my ignorance of popular hobbies or fantasies--as this may be a real "thing" that people do... or maybe it's just weird.

Yeah. I think it's just weird.

Monday, January 16, 2012

On friday Mike and I decided

to treat ourselves to a restaurant franchise meal.

We got to Applebee's around 6:20 and saw that much to our dismay, we weren't the only one's with a hankering for some nourishment.

We asked how long the wait would be-and decided it wasn't worth it.

We turned to exit the building exactly as an elderly woman stopped (what i can only assume) to take a rest from the treacherous stairs she had just descended and blocked the only way out.We patiently waited for her to once again move, and when there was an opening Mike expertly slipped through. I attempted to follow but I underestimated her girth and exhaustion, and was once again trapped and she turned and waited for the rest of her party.

The idea crossed my mind to simple say, "excuse me," and go on through, but as i was about to put my plan into action, she was joined by another female who attempted to say something to her, but was met with an ear perceiving, "WHAT?"

I decided it was best to just wait out the storm.
I saw the rest of her party yet to join her as an older gentleman started walking down the stairs to the right near the exit.
I turned and smiled to myself thinking, "Oh my, I might as well settle in for a bit," and put  my hands in my coat pockets.

Meanwhile-Mike was scared, alone, and freezing outside in the cold. He waited patiently for me and worried  to the core and asking himself , "What is going on in there? Will she be alright?" (He has yet to verify these were his thoughts, but i think i know him well enough to just assume)

Back inside I stood still smiling and thinking to myself, "Oh the delicacies i will have once i leave this establishment," until i was rudely interrupted by a gruff, "Stop your smiling girly! One day you'll be old and have to walk down stairs."
I was stunned by the abrasiveness of the old man and quickly and cleverly retorted, "ummmmmmmmmmmm," as he walked through the exit.

At least I was free from the hot loud torture chamber as i saw the old lady and behind my nemesis clear the doorway. Moving with the precision of a spider and smoothness of a snack, I quietly I followed their path. Once i reached the door to freedom i saw Mike glowing in the distance- a symbol of hope and delicious food which we soon would eat.
To my right i heard a slow and LOUD (i can only assume he or those around him may have been hard of hearing as all group members too were in the senior years of life) disapproving tone repeating my previous awkward encounter, "As we were leaving...... there was a girl laughing at me.... as i walked down the stairs....."
I could no longer stand for this slandering of my character!

I shouted, "I wasn't laughing at you!" The old man looked at me and continued on his story. "I said to her, 'Stop your---"
I walked to Mike's side and repeated, "I wasn't laughing at him! I wasn't."

Monday, January 9, 2012

Two posts in one day.

What a loser, right? Right.

But i just feel like i need to say that i started school again today.

Sniffle Sniffle.

Well.... this is what i've done

all day.

This is the winner!
I know. no one really cares.