Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Eyes!

Driving home
last week along the long stretch from Alpine to American Fork going a cautious 45, i swerved to miss two glistening dots attached to faint outline of legs and a tail. The deer shockingly kept it's four hoofs firmly planted on the asphalt. No run for it's life... i didn't even see it flinch (of course, i didn't stop to really examine the animal, it all happened so quickly) Did it have some sort of death wish? Was it a wildlife dare? Or was it simply thinking, "Well, I'm the stepping in the line of danger. Whatever I get I deserve." (Probably not, but for this thought I am going to pretend it could have). Usually when caught like a deer in headlights (metaphorically speaking, i don't think most walk in the middle of roads late at night) the natural response is to run like the wind. I think the braver course is to absorb the blow (like that awesome deer would have). Running is for cowards... and small rodents. One could say that method is a death wish, but I would accept responsibility for my choices and die an unwavering creature rather than a frightened self serving scardy cat. Meow. (Although, I have nothing against cats).


Rach said...

haha, i have driven that road many times at night and man sometimes it is scary. but seriously 2 deer? wow, i like that you would prefer to die that way if you were a deer than a coward, not sure myself yet! see you tomorrow i am finally coming again!

Maureen said...

Good grief! I can't say I have ever encountered a deer...though I think I hit a raccoon once.

They say that if you see a deer in the road you should just hit it....but I have always thought that this in itself is a death wish. (Or at least an accident wish)

I'm voting...wildlife dare.

Kajsia O said...

It was a meaphor for life. I don't really want to die.