Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I think i could graduate in... 39 credits.

That isn't too bad right? But I'm pretty sure it's going to take me at least 3 years.
Why? Because:
1. I'm lazy
2. It's too cold outside to take more than two classes.
3. I don't see anything i want to register for- well that wasn't at some insane hour.
4. I need to adjust to married life.... right? i mean because it's SO different than dating. NOT. If you want to hear my thoughts about that- ask me later.
5. I dream of owning or running a cookie shop, and that somewhat conflicts with a school schedule.
6. I'm still holding onto the hope that i can turn one of my hobbies or past school endeavors into something that will make money-therefore, no more school needed.
7. It's fairly expensive- and i could be saving that money for the cookie shop- or design consulting services.
8. It's takes away from blogging, which is obviously awesome.
9. I'm holding out for them to get an Interior Design or Art history program, so i can finish what i started or work at a museum where, in theory, it is quiet.
10. I need to catch up on some much needed hygiene= hair cut, dentist. etc.
11. But mostly i think I'm lazy.


whitney said...

i will do them for you. i want to go back to school. and then you can bake me cookies.

whitney said...

p.s. you should add syed to your lists of blogs to read.

kristen said...

Blah. School is lame.

Maureen said...

Lazy? Perhaps.

Realistic? Probably.

Funny? Yep.

CristaB said...

I couldn't agree with you more... School is lame, and it especially sucks when your mommy and daddy don't pay for EVERYTHING!! And if you can convince Caleb to stay in Utah I'd be your partner for the cookie shop, but then I'd probably hate myself for staying here....

Rach said...

ha ha it is especially hard with lame teachers...