Thursday, January 22, 2009

All i want to do...

is make some cookies.
But the most tragic event ever to happen in my life (so far) took place last Saturday when i broke the cookie jar i had just received A DAY earlier as a gift (i know, butter fingers right? except i think my hands were dry at that point).
I haven't scrounged up the courage or strength it will take to make a batch- since i know i will just have to put my finished product in some regular container, which is so depressing it may cause me to have a breakdown.

In the mean time, i fill the void with pictures and useless references to cookies like this quiz: what kind of cookie are you?

In case you wondering I'm a

But this isn't even a kind i have ever wanted to eat or make- i don't think they exciting in the least. Except for the fortunes. They are pretty ok. But the actual taste of the cookie is a little lacking for me. Why was it even created? I mean, why make a cookie that doesn't taste fantastic? That is tragic in and of it's self.


Jiles The Great said...

I hate that your cookie jar broke, that makes me so sad for you! For the record, I am a gingersnap and now I'm totally craving cookies. If I had time to make some before work I totally would.

Charlotte said...

Well Kajsia, apparently I am also a fortune cookie. When I think of cookies, I never think of a fortune cookie! So that really is weird that that is one of the choices there. I wonder what the other ones are...I hope you find a new cookie jar that you love soon! And one that isn't glass! :)

kristen said...

I actually do kind of like fortune cookies, but I guess that's only if I'm eating chinese food.
I am the generic cookie. Chocolate chip. Kind of boring, but I guess it works.

CristaB said...

I guess I'm a thumbprint, i was kinda hoping for something that screams, "I taste nasty don't touch or eat me."

Maureen said...

I made sugar cookies can come over and have some if you want. :)