Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Every time i get sick

i tell myself i will never forget how great it feels once i'm well again.
Of course time passes (sometimes no more than a week or two) ... and my short lived goal dies as i feel my body just might give up as well.
Having a sour throat is terribly uncomfortable, and not only that- but it hinders my cheeto puffs consumption- which is known to lift any particularly bad mood i may be in.

i think the worst physical feelings in the world are:

1. Being badly sun burned
2. Having that "i -have-to-go-to-the-bathroom-constantly" feeling
3. Having to sneeze, but it won't come out
4. An itch when you can't reach
5. Recovering from a surgery
6. A popcorn kernel stuck in one of two back teeth-where it is almost impossible to reach stubby fingers.
7. Suppressing a cough
8. A hang nail
9. A spec of dust in your eyes with hard contacts
10. Trying not to throw up
11. Having a sore throat

Did i miss any?


Jen said...

oh my gosh you make me laugh so dang hard my guts feel like they might explode..keep up the good work and i hope you feel better

Mikey said...

i love cheetos puffs. mmmm

Charlotte said...

I think you really did get them all. I was going to say when I was reading them that you missed the nauseous feeling...but then you put it as number 10, so good job. :) I hope that both of us feel better soon!

Suzana said...

you nailed it. i HATE when i have to sneeze and i can't. but i figured out a way to do it... which is weird. if i shake my hands when i get that urge to sneeze and it won't happen, it works and i sneeze every time. strange...

strickland party of six said...

Hello, there again! I agree on all of it and with Jenny, although I would have to say I got an ingrown toe nail once just a couple of weeks ago and holy sh*%!!! I was about to just cut it off. I saw my husband get his removed and I think I would rather shoot my self in the foot than to have to go through what he did, fortunatly they make this medicne that help soooo much I swear by it... keep up the good posting.

whitney said...

dear kajsia, i have a sore throat too. since last friday :( at least my ear infection is going away. thank goodness i hate the ear drops. and. how about american idol tonight. the girl in the string bikini :o anyway mike invited me over tomorrow. i may just take him up on that offer.

Maureen said...

My favorite is recovering from a surgery....did you have a secret surgery I am unaware of?

I would include "fever/body aches" along with "inability to breathe through your nose when laying down"....but I don't want to ruin your list. Besides...you can take drugs for those. :)

Nice comment on my blog!! You are the first one to even TRY to do it the right way. Silly people...thinking I will give it away because they haven't seen it. Excuses!

Jiles The Great said...

Kajsia-your list is perfect, I cannot think of any unpleasant physical feeling that you missed.

Maureen-I think you should give me Mamma Mia b/c I'm your sister and I loved it too. Come on, where's the love? Although I suppose I should be writing this on YOUR blog...

Maureen said...

Yes you should