Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For those of you who don't know

I occasionally dabble in marketing and graphic design.
When I get a magazine- instead of my first reaction being to race toward my destiny of having, "Flat abs in 10 minutes a Day, " I now linger, taking in the glory of print ads.
Here is one that perplexed me.

The slogan is, "It's your chance, embrace it."
But-- why am I supposed to rush to the store to buy this product?
So I can have the same experience of hugging a massive glass bottle (that would be cold to the bare skin) in an awkward position-all while being wrapped up in fake flowers with a ribbon across my calves and a bow on my head? 
Perhaps I am showing my ignorance of popular hobbies or fantasies--as this may be a real "thing" that people do... or maybe it's just weird.

Yeah. I think it's just weird.


Cesiley said...

when i wear this perfume i don't imagine being naked hugging a big glass bottle, however, i do feel like i deserve a crown of flowers.

kajsiaO said...

you do!