Thursday, July 22, 2010

it's burger thursday.

Yes. it is just like it sounds.
I will be eating a burger this day because it is in fact, a Thursday.

"but... why kajsia, why? Why a burger? and why Thursday? you ask.

Well my good person because burgers are delicious...and it's Thursday.

Thursday is the day before Friday-the day i celebrate by shoving my face full of greasy items that i don't cook myself that the weekend is here! Why not get a head start and eat some on Thursday?
[although i will have to cook these]
It gives me the strength to wake up one more day, go to work and survive.

"What kind of burger?" you ask again.
A hashbrown bacon cheese onion (whatever is left in the fridge) stuffed burger.

1 comment:

Craig Rowley said...

That sounds pretty good. I like burgers. Have a great weekend!
... when it's here.