Friday, October 30, 2009

The thing is

we are all mean selfish people.
We are.
And i am ok with that.
I think the sooner we learn to accept who and what we are, the happier we will be.

We are also all pions. That's right.
We have a limited amount of resources, and things happen that are out of our control. People can get mad at us all they want, but nothing is going to change. You know why? BECAUSE THE WORLD IS A MESS. And also because i can't control these other people who are ruining the world.

WHO are these people you ask? THESE (read loudly- filled with annoyance) are the people that lack common curtesy. They are the spazzy lane changers, the crowded-store-isle-blockers, the non-elevator holders, the i-let -my-kids-do-whatever-they-want-because-i-am-affraid-to-be-a-real-parent people.

HOW DO WE MAKE THEM STOP? Get over yourself-And think about someone else for a second. If we could all successfully do this- i am telling you..... prisons would become barren. We could take those large amounts of land and turn them into amusement parks, theaters, museums- anything!

We all think the meanest thoughts in the world- some don't say them outloud. Why? I know it seems far fetched, but being nice to people will actually get you further in life, or at least further faster- and more positive results. For example, i was picking up a lunch order for work clients at my local Olive Garden. They were running VERY behind. And i just sat there. and sat and sat and sat. Did i make the biggest stink in the world and be mean and lame? no. I asked how long it would be-so i could let the clients know- and sat some more. And... they gave me a free piece of cheesecake.

So the moral of this tale is... even though we are all mean inside, be nice on the outside. Or at least find the right person to get mad at, and yell at them. And leave the rest of us alone.- you may even get free stuff.


emms _b said...

i should learn from you good example! i want free cheesecake! you are the best!

Jiles The Great said...

I like this, I wish all the stupid Utah drivers would read it and realize that it's not nice to cut people off and change lanes w/out signaling and tailgate. I drove to SLC and back today and it was infuriating. Common courtesy seems to be so rare nowadays.

Maureen said...

Well spoken. Kindness and patience will get you a MILLION times farther than bullying or nastiness. Unfortunately, the world is populated with people who choose to express themselves in both ways. Cudos to you for taking the higher road. :)

kristen said...

People really do need to stop being selfish. The world would be a better place if everyone just tried to be nice and do things for others. I love that you got free cheesecake for being nice. That is fantastic.

Suzana said...

amen! so so true.