Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Greatest Event that can take place in

a person's life, is happening to me (ME!) this Friday. and mike.

It will be nothing short of a miracle, when we exit the Hoopes Vision Center approx. around 3:00pm with nothing less than 20/20 vision.*

PRAISE science.
You, more than anything or anyone we have ever met-
will change our lives forever.

Thank for the lord (or whatever higher-power entity you believe in) for Lasik!

*technically, they don't promise more than 20/40 vision in writing, but i am hoping for the best.


Jiles The Great said...

Sigh. SO jealous. But happy for you, hope it goes well. :)

CristaB said...

Oh I am SO JEALOUS!! Everytime I go to the eye doctor I ask if I can get it, but i guess my astigmatism and eyes don't agree and keep getting worse. I hope that you and Mike love it. Hooray for not being blind!

emms _b said...

i really wish i was you with all my soul... someday... SOMEDAY!

Maureen said...

AWESOME!! You are a braver woman than me...I'm a chicken when it comes to eyes -- surgery?? While awake?? No thanks. But it would be darn cool to wake up and be able to see the clock without squinting. Cudos to you!!