Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pet Peeve #4

If you have ever sat by me with gum you know that i HATE gum popping with a passion (I really hate all loud unexpected sounds, but gum popping is revolting and the worst.... aside from belching).


There is a (i'm sure lovely) girl in one of my classes who sits in the front row across from me (some people call these the "suck up" seats but i say to that- i am blind and i like to actually learn while i'm in class) who finds the need to not only chew her gum like cow cud, but apparently thinks it is the greatest most helpful amazing idea in the entire world to pop her nasty gum so loud that it echos not only throughout the classroom but then bounces off the cement walls and down the hall. I hate it.

I hope my teacher's eyes will morph into lasers, beam into her mouth and evaporate the gum mid pop-but it seems he is not the mighty morphin art professor power ranger that saves the day, but simply an ordinary teacher who is deeply occupied with the lecture, answering silly questions, teaching blah blah and doesn't notice this girl has become an extremely annoying distraction and is evidently oblivious to anyone but herself.

I try to focus on the material in front of me but as i attempt to write down the characteristics of Archaic Greek sculpture... POP.

Wait... what? I look up to the board, hoping there's a bullet point to go with the words i distantly remember hearing.

Scliiiiipsk (licks lips) Chomp chomp...

No bullet point.
What did he say? I tap my pen, trying to remember.


My teacher moves onto something else

......... the madness continues.




crap. i'm screwed.


strickland party of six said...

Dude totally hate gum period thats why I dont buy it I cant stand to be around ANYONE chewing it oh my heck! It makes me so mad I mean CRAZY made that I want to rip there head of and stuff it were the sun doesnt shine thank you.

Mer and Mel said...

Kajsia- I really miss hanging out with you (like in hs)- your personality really makes me smile! I hope marriage is treating you well so far!

Maureen said...

So, how long is this list of pet peeves? (and remind me NEVER to chew gum around you again...)