Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Has anyone else noticed

that common courtesy seems to be fading away from society? Every time i go out in public i notice stolen parking spots, cars not stopping for pedestrians, people allowing doors to slam in others faces. I guess we're all in such a hurry to do whatever it is we are doing we don't have time to think about anyone else.

Well. stop it.

Call me old fashioned (at the ripe age of 24) but i think good manners are the glue of society. I'm not saying we have cover a puddles with our bodies or hold the door open for hours, but i think it would be nice if instead of adding to the crap that goes on daily we just stepped back and were aware of our surroundings.

Example- Yesterday i was walking to class when a MINI van (who thought of that name anyways? Those things are FAR from mini) thought it would be a good idea to stop mid-intersection and back up onto the sidewalk- causing a drama for the car behind who had to slam on their breaks and swerve, as well as me (the pedestrian) to run around them in a frenzied pattern as to avoid getting my legs smashed. While- mid chaos-another car took the coveted parking spot.


Maybe that is justice. But i would prefer for that mini van to never drive again. And for the madness to stop.


Charlotte said...

The driver of that mini-van needs to be shot! I HATE stupid drivers!! Probably one of my biggest pet peeves EVER! You cannot screw up the whole system for everyone else just cause you missed a spot that you want to park in! Go somewhere else! I still think you should have banged on their window and yelled at them...

strickland party of six said...

Oh that is funny? And I know come on people how hard is it to just hold the door open for one more person after you or the people in front of you walking out the door.

And another thing I have notice with people is they walk around with a frown on there faces or a stick up their ___!!! and whats wrong with SMILING back at the person that smiles at you or saying hi??? It is called being polite... DIDN'T YOUR MAMMA EVER TEACH YOU THAT:)

btw glad you have your legs especially at the ripe age of 24 I mean what would you do with out them you are practically going on 50!

Maureen said...

I agree Kaj -- people are becoming more and more self centered. It has changed the focus of our society from communication to competition.

I love that Jeremy teaches our children to open doors for people. They are great at it...in fact, if you aren't careful, Harrison will close the door for you as well. :)

Utah drivers (except us, of course) are INSANE. My favorite is when they decide to turn LEFT from the RIGHT turn lane. C'mon people....that is what u-turns are for.

Glad you still have your legs...though if you did loose them, I'd take good care of you. :)

kristen said...

People are so stupid. I just think they should not be. Common courtesy goes a long way.

Jen said...

that is what I love about you, you really know how to put it...good job cant wait to see you guys again.I have been looking for a new cookie jar and havent found one yet as cute as the last one..I am still searching though.