Thursday, May 10, 2012

Are you bored?

Poor? Live in Utah?
Do you need something- anything to do that is free?

Look no further than the Orem Public Library!

Right now on display in the Rotunda (a sweet seating area on the outskirts of the library) are the awe-inspiring high contrast ink and charcoal yarn drawings done by ... me.

That's right. I have an art show! Whoo hoo.
With the help of 2 people much smarter than myself (The best teacher in the world: Tawni Shuler, and her intern: Larry) I took measurements, choose the order of the pieces, hung the pieces at approximately the same height (that's right, i had to do math), and adjusted the lights. It doesn't sound like much- but it took me a while. In the process i broke 1 frame and scored 2 cuts on my index finger, and i think i even broke a sweat.

Art is hard work.

Here is a little preview: 

This is the one that had the frame i broke.

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