Monday, March 19, 2012

I would like to think that i am

not like my mother. Not because she is a bad person, but because i want to be considered my own person- a free thinker-without any influence from my mom.

But that just isn't possible is it? Unless you don't know your mother- and if that is the case... sorry or hooray!

My  mother has passed down her pet peeve to me. It has grown into a massive vindictive monster that makes me flare my nostrils (nasty) and roll my eyes whenever it presents its self.

Pet Peeve #4 Whistling.

Pet Peeve #5 Whistling while listening to your ipod.

I had to get specific because not only is whistling ALWAYS annoying, but it is especially annoying when I'm in my art class trying to create something amazing and there is some guy whistling in the corner while listening to his ipod.
Oh. i get it. So you don't have to listen to yourself and your mouth making hideous noises, but we all have to!
It makes me very angry. Very angry.


the honeys said...

ah crap. i love whistling. i do it all the time, shoot.

Princess Zelda said...

I completely agree. I despise that shrill tone beating my eardrums unmercifully until they're a bloody mess and my brain is throbbing.