Friday, February 17, 2012

Going to the gym

is awful for all these reasons.
  1. You have to drive there.
  2. You have to change your clothes.
  3. It's stinky. I don't care how many fans are going- it ALWAYS stinks.
  4. There are those select few who stand by the drinking fountain and talk.
    GET OUT OF THE WAY. I'm thirsty. And what are you doing here anyways? If you want to talk, go home.
  5. You get sweaty.
  6. Other people see you sweaty.
  7. You could be doing something else like... eating.
    or watching tv.
    But the worst thing in the entire world about the gym:
  8. When someone (as luck would have it) using a machine directly in front of you has a gas problem and pollutes the air and makes your nostrils collapse so you can't breathe- which is pretty vital to staying alive.
That is why the gym = death.


emms _b said...

hahahahaha. i loved this sooooo much.

kajsiaO said...