Thursday, December 29, 2011

As my tacftful friend Josh pointed out

it's time for a new profile picture.
(i believe his exact words were, "why is your picture so ugly?")

Sure, it's always hilarious to make fun of self obsessed people who love to take pictures of themselves
(as my currently profile picture does),
but i think we have all, "been there-done that," now haven't we?

I have the following gems to pick from-
(curtsey of a self portrait assignment for my drawing class)

Tell me, which do you like the best?

"mybluechin," 2011, nupastel

"Eye can see you," 2011, nupastel, pen and ink

"mmmm," 2011, india ink

"Collage self portrait," 2011, Collage, nupastel, acrylic paint, charcoal
(i know, this title is really boring)

1 comment:

Cesiley said...

haha....we all need friends like that! also, these sketches are really good! i like the eye one and the blue chin the best.