Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sitting in class

the girl popping her gum next to me (noooooo) leans over,

"do you have a pen i could borrow?"

I look at her, "um....?" and rummage through my bag, trying to find a pen i won't care if i ever get back. I was low in supply but i found,

"i have a pencil..." offering it over in her direction.

She rolls her eyes and groans, " weeeellllll, I guess that will work."

PHEW!!! Consider me relieved. I was so nervous i wouldn't be able to supply you with any acceptable form of writing instrument- which (not surprisingly) you did not give back.


whitney said...

you should do what i do. if you want to borrow a writing utensil you have to give me something valuable. your ipod. cell phone. etc.. i always get my pencil back. dang.

Jiles The Great said...

Maybe you can move's still early enough in the semester that the "this is my seat" understanding is not too firmly in place...right???

Maureen said...

just smile and tell her "sorry."

she'll get over it. :)