Friday, August 6, 2010

The comapny i work for provides

drinks and treats in bulk (so they are in big boxes) for everyone and are stored in the cupboards directly behind where my co worker and i sit.

I walked in today and saw a large box that used to hold an assortment of chips sitting by my chair which made me angry because:

1. EVERYONE NEEDS TO THROW AWAY THEIR OWN TRASH. When you take the last items in a box, throw the box away. Don't just throw it on the floor by my desk for me to do it for you. You lazy worthless sack. There is a garbage can literally 6 feet away.

2. This variety assortment contained 20 bags yesterday and among them were some cheetos- one of which i wanted for breakfast.
So thanks a whole lot.


Jiles The Great said...

SO lame...people used to do that all the time to me when I was a receptionist. I think the fact that your company provides all sorts of munchies and soda for everyone only increases their sense of entitlement (and probably makes them all fat).

emms _b said...

and how dare they deprive you of cheetos for breakfast!