Monday, May 24, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like

8:00 am -----------------Arrive at work.
8:00-8:27 am ----------Check work emails, reply, cc, delete etc.
8:27-8:30 am ----------Gather supplies for paint class.
8:35 am -----------------Walk down to lobby of building.
8:35-8:37 am ----------Stare in awe of snow covered car with mouth gaping open (*see picture below).
8:37-8:38 am ----------Realize i don't have a scraper in my car

(since I didn't think i would need to use one until you know, winter)

8:39 am -----------------Walk back up the stairs to my desk.

i'm not going to class.


Suzana said...

i was all ready to wear shorts today and thought... nah. SO glad i didn't. walking out of my house at 8:45 to 2 inches of snow... what in the werld...

amynorange said... May....what's that all about?!

Craig Rowley said...