Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day

is close upon us.

Some people call it "SAD" or Singles Awareness Day- but look up the Holiday's history and you won't be sad. You'll be glad you weren't persecuted by ancient Romans and martyred for marrying young lovers or helping Christian's escape the harsh wrath of angry law enforcers- depending on what story you think is true.

Despite it's history, I just don't see what could be wrong with a day that is now synonymous with gifts*, candy and chocolates.
(lick lips) YUM!
really. you don't even need the other person.

Hint* Gifts, candy and chocolates are traditionally given by a significant other to the "Valentine", but too many times they come with strings attached. So why not buy them yourself and save yourself from giving out more than you would on a non-love holiday night.


Jiles The Great said...

Yay for a day devoted to eating candy!

Lyndsey said...

Did you make that cookie? hee hee the good old days :D

Princess Zelda said...

I really like that cake-thing. Did u make it?

Fiber Art Barb said...

I really actually like the message on this- I guess chocolate and men are not really connected after all- I just popped a Lindt chocolate in my mouth!

shaggybunz said...

I really felt bad that day co'z i'm SAD.....but your blog makes me laugh...LOL!!!!