Thursday, January 28, 2010

I had a dream last night that

I was in Hawaii and a volcano erupted and i got 3rd degree burns on my legs and then slowly dragged myself into a tiny shed where i kept screaming, "not my face! not my face!" Once the volcano finished erupting- i searched for Mike, and you know where he was? Sitting on a park bench with my grandma completely burn free.
I thought it was weird.

Luckily, when we were in Hawaii-Maui to be exact-nothing of that dramatic sort happened.

We did see:
Colorful trees on the road to Hell, i mean Hana.

A parrot that "meowed" (which was my favorite part of the whole trip).

Mike almost taking out a nice lady on the beach.

Penguins molting.

And I met the new love of my life:


*Originally created by Lotte, as Yukimi Daifuku in 1981. Lotte first made the product by using a rice starch instead of sticky rice and a type of ice milk instead of real ice cream. (also used by other companies), which began production of what is now known as mochi ice cream in the United States in 1993. There are two layers: a soft, dough-like outer mochi shell, and inner ice cream core. Flavors are dependent on brand, however, matcha (ground green tea), chocolate, and vanilla are likely to be represented (flavors of both Mikawaya and Lotte brand mochi ice creams). Strawberry, mango, and red bean paste (azuki) are also common flavors. Mochi ice cream is now an internationally recognized food. Current marketing names include Mikawaya's "Mochi Ice Cream" in the United States

I tried Strawberry and Mango.


Jiles The Great said...

Yay, penguins! And it's too bad you didn't get any video of the parrot meowing. I would love to hear that. But I like the picture too.

CristaB said...

I'm jealous I hope you had fun! The road to hell... haha so true! I do remember telling Caleb to pull over a few times so I could hang my head out the door and try to barf. Needless to say we never made it to the end. Remember when you really did have burns on you though? Your poor poor little purple/blue legs.....

BMaid said...

I love chocolate and vanilla ^^

Bex Luff said...

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Craig Rowley said...

I am jealous of you seeing all those wonderful things on your trip. Lucky.

kristen said...

My favorite is the penguins MOULTING.

emms _b said...

You can get that ice cream at Happy Sumo! LETS GO!