Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I walk into work today and at all major entrances a sign reads,


Later on, a co-worker comes up and asks me after reading the sign, "i don't understand. What does that sign mean?"
Me: It means you can't turn on any computer.
Co Worker: But i don't understand..."
Me: Well. just don't turn on your computer.
Co Worker: I need to see our IT director.
Me: ...... ok.


The same co-worker asks me, "Are you a football fan? Did you watch the game on Saturday?"
(of course, there are many games on, but since i am frequently asked questions about the same sport and team, i knew what he was referring to)

Me: I am not a fan of it, but the TV was on, so i saw some of it.

Co Worker: It was the kind of game that could make a sports fan out of anyone.

Me: I highly doubt that it worked for me.

Co Worker: no, it could have.


considering the source, i am pretty sure i am still not a fan.


Suzana said...

i never thought this day would come, but i am really a college football fan now. that game was the final straw for me. i yelled. i screamed. i jumped up and down. i loved it. but i still like you even is you're not a football fan. :)

Suzana said...

if. not is.

Julie said...

I deliberately did not watch the game b/c everyone else was so excited about it. Yeah, I'm a hater. We can be non-sports fans together.

Julie said...

Um, that was my work google login...cuz I'm at work. Didn't want you to wonder who it is since it doesn't say jiles_the_great.

kristen said...

I guess people just don't understand what's going on when crazy things like that happen. They can't wrap their brain around it. Poor souls. I want to know who it was!

wooties! said...

Sports is stupid.

I'm wondering what coworker it was though.. I miss that place sometimes. :)

Charlotte said...

Knowing who the coworker is now, I'm shocked that I didn't guess before who it was. Too bad I'm missing all these good times at Infotrax...and yeah, I'm right there with you on still not enjoying sports. I don't care who's playing or how exciting a game it is. It's still only football. Can't compare to those good old tv shows. :)