Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to Use a Cell Phone

1. NEVER NEVER answer when you are in a movie, a play, a wedding. *cough* tacky. In fact, leave it at home, or turn it off.

2. Don't talk loudly. You can use the same audio level you would if you were talking to the person face to face- you don't need to blow out someone's ear drum and we don't all need to know you are at the store to pick up..... insert personal item. Which is why you should-

3. NEVER have personal, private conversations in public. Would you be talking about said topic in certain places (the BATHROOM) if the person was actually there with you?

4. Don't answer your phone or text on a date- or any other significant event. If you can't give 5 minutes of your attention to another person, how do you expect to ever get a boyfriend/girlfriend which you will need to dedicate hours of your life?

5. Don't text during class. Especially if the lights are out. If you are so bored- LEAVE.

6. Don't read texts while in a group of people and then laugh. It's really awkward for everyone else.

7. End all calls when approaching another person that you are requesting help from. For example- at the cash register. This person is doing YOU a service. Are they are cutting into your cell phone call? how rude of them.

8. Don't text late at night or early in the morning. Some people use their phones for alarms and need to keep on them all night. Please don't let your text be the wake up call. Remember that Maroon 5 song? yeah. that could be your fate.

9. And further more- do not text uselessly. none of this, "K," or "C ya."

10. Like it says on the cover of WIRED magazine (featuring Brad Pitt wearing a hands free phone), "Ditch the Headset." You look silly.


Suzana said...

this reminds me of those high school days when we would text each other across the room... we were pretty lame. i've got to agree with you on all of these points. i'm just sick of my phone. i'm ready to junk it!

emms _b said...

I agree with the short texts. What is with the "K" test. Anytime i open a text and it is one letter... i have to take time to really consider if i can go on being your friend or not.

Jiles The Great said...

You forgot leaving your phone on your desk while you're on break--we have people who do that here and their phones ring and the ringtone is either really annoying or really loud, both of which are pretty retarded when your job is talking on the phone. Ok, it's probably not that relevant at you job, but it's still irritating.

kristen said...

Haha. I totally agree! I hate it when people text me late at night assuming that I will be awake. That is so rude. Even if I am awake, there's the chance that I wasn't and you just woke me up. Very inconsiderate. And it's true. I really don't want to open a text that says "k" or something short and useless like that. It's lame.

Charlotte said...

AMEN!! They should totally print out this list and make people sign a contract telling them they can't do these things when they buy a cell phone. Then the world would be a much better and happier place for us all!