Thursday, May 21, 2009

The thing about having

a parking spot with your condo number on it- is that it's YOUR parking spot.

I'm pretty sure this is common knowledge. When someone drives into any complex with numbers corresponding with parking spots, you don't just park anywhere you want. That is why there is "visitor" painted right on the ground.

Apparently where i live people aren't aware of this social norm, or they don't care.
TWO days in a row i have had to just stare at a white van in my spot.


First of all- i am not into mini vans.
second of all- i hate white vehicles.

I drove around the parking lot... and the saw the offenders walking to wards the van and sat in my car with my blinker on... and probably a gross face.

They moved.
and if they are there again.....
they'd better watch out.

A strongly worded note is headed their way.


Jiles The Great said...

Ooooh ooooh can I help you write it??? I'm good with strongly worded letters.

Yeah, people parking in your parking space is so annoying (and inconsiderate). Next time they do that you should go to the office and have them tow it, that's what they do at my complex if someone parks in someone else's spot. I guarantee they wouldn't do it again.

Charlotte said...

I can't believe they would park in your spot!! That's ridiculous! I'm totally with your sister...if they do it again, get them towed. They've already done it more warnings are warranted I think.

Rivers said...

Hey girl this is jen people used to do that when we lived in our condo i would just call the tow truck to have them politely moved...hahahahaha get a fetchin clue all you idiots

Maureen said...

Remind me not to park in your spot....if I ever make it over there. haha