Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Raisins anyone?

i don't usually grab for chocolate covered raisins when i need a little sug, but i thought today Mmmmmmm-maybe they are sort of healthy... maybe?

Dried fruit with a coating... that's better than a candy bar right?
either way
I am telling you they are yuuuuuuummmmmy.


strickland party of six said...

I am telling you, YOur twins says YUCK...( not so much like each other in the food catagory!!! I'll reach for the candy bar but I usually dont eat candy.

Jiles The Great said...

Chocolate-covered raisins remind me of Grammy. I'm fairly certain I only ate them at her house.

Maureen said...

I second Julie...I remember her ALWAYS having those. Personally, I think they are delish.